Avonlea Schools Hosts Charity Carnival

The grade 5/6 class from Avonlea School ran a charity carnival on April 12th, in which all the proceeds went to the Humane Society. Photo by Christy Kuffner

The grade 5/6 class form Avonlea School hosted a charity carnival in the school gymnasium on April 12th. All proceeds went to the Humane Society. Various games and activities, which could be played by participants for a 1-2 dollars, were set up and run by the grade 5/6 students.

Some events featured at the carnival were a complimentary puppet show, a bean bag toss, a free throw contest, and the chance for students to pie their favourite teachers in the face!

Ally Ryan, a teacher at Avonlea School, helped the students plan the day.

“In social class the kids and I were talking about historical figures who made a difference in the world, and kids just thought, ‘Well why don’t we do something do make a difference?’” stated Ryan, regarding the inspiration behind the event.

In their efforts to make a difference, the students raised $697 dollars for the Human Society.